19th May 2020

Dear Parents,

It has been suggested that we are not sharing as much information as we can with parents about the possible opening of school on June 8th for some children.

Please rest assured that we are following strict government and local authority guidelines (that don’t always agree!) This guidance is changing on an almost basis; because of this, we are trying to keep to an essential minimum what we are sharing, in an effort to avoid confusion.

We understand that there will of course be some information you would like to know, that we are unable to share. For example until we know how many children will be returning in each of the four year groups, we cannot be certain as to which members of staff will be responsible for those groups and indeed what size those groups will be.

Please rest assured that even though lessons will look different, due to social distancing guidelines and current staffing, the children will be taught and teachers will set all work. Following several phone calls today, we have clarified with the authority that it is advised only 1 adult may accompany children attending school and siblings should not be brought on site.

I would like to reiterate that you are welcome to ring or email school with any personal concerns that you have and as always, we will do our best to answer them.

At the present time we are unable to offer before and after school care (Fox Club) to the children in the designated year groups returning to school. (Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6) These children will only be able to attend during school time. Only Keyworker children will be able to access this childcare if required.


Yours faithfully

Mrs Hey