Keyworker Children



Childcare for children of Key Workers will still be running in Fox Club.


However, if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 and you are considering sending your child back to ‘School’ (if school reopens) they would then not be able to access any additional childcare. They would only be able to come to school during their allocated school times. The reason being, children must stay within the same group of children (bubble) and should not come into contact with other groups of children (bubbles) in order to minimise any potential spread of infection. However, you can choose to keep your child within the childcare group (bubble) and not send them back to their year group.


If you are a Key Worker and have not accessed the childcare previously it is still open to anyone that may need it. Please contact school if this is something that you now require to enable us to organise staffing.


Non-Key Worker Children


Before making your final decision as to whether or not you want your child to return to school please be aware that IF school is able to open next month for these year groups, before and after care in Fox Club cannot be available at this stage.



Kind regards


Mrs Hey