Dear Parents,



New authority guidance has come through to schools this afternoon, stating that the council will now not be recommending a specific date in June for schools to re-open.

However, we are continuing to put plans in place for when it becomes safe for us to do so-with authority approval. As soon as we have the go-ahead, we will send parents a date.


I would like to stress that you do not have to send your children back to school at any point in the summer term - if as a parent you feel it may not be safe to do so. There will be no penalties for non-attendance.

Along with other local schools, we are putting a revised plan in place for the possible opening of Foxhill. Please can I stress this is a provisional plan, that will only take place when we feel it is safe to do so.


We have to take into account that social distancing between children cannot be guaranteed, even though school would make every effort to implement it where possible.


Some of you have asked school some very valid questions; please find below some answers. All the decisions have been made to try and safeguard your children.

· Only children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 may return.


· Children returning to school will be in separate ‘bubbles’, of 2 adults and up to 15 children. They will stay within this bubble for the entire school day, within the same room, including dinnertime. They will be accessing the outdoor area whenever possible. This bubble will operate during normal school hours.


· Children of keyworkers will still be offered childcare. They will stay in this bubble all day. Even if their Year group is in school, they will not transfer across to help school enforce social distancing.


· Children in ‘school bubbles’ will be taught by the same teachers every day.


· The children in the ‘child care bubble’ will be accessing continued childcare, not teaching.


· Younger children will have limited access to easily cleanable resources. Older children will be issued their own resources that are only used by them.


· Children will be unable to bring any equipment into school - e.g. lunchboxes, pencils cases, mobile phones etc.


· We are unable to provide before and after school child care at this time, except for children of Key Workers, who have chosen to remain in this group.


· Access to the school site will be restricted. Interaction with staff will be very limited. Only one person can accompany your child to school, siblings not attending should not accompany them.


· If your child is attending in Year 6, we advise that you make your own arrangements for your child getting home from school to make sure they don’t interact with any other individuals or groups on their way home.

Thank you for continuing to work with us at this very challenging time.

Kind regards

Mrs Hey