Dear Parent or Carer,

Now that School has begun a phased opening, we are going to provide bespoke learning packs for each year group for the children who are going to continue working from home.

To find your child’s work, go to the Home Learning Page on the school website. This is now reduced to include just the resources relevant to this next half term. 

At the top you will find links to the following:

a) Weekly learning packs created by the class teachers. These contain directed Maths and English activities for the week, plus a range of activities for other subjects to dip into over the half-term. 

b) Weekly learning booklets produced by Classroom Secrets.


c) Relevant web links to the video lessons and other resources which are referenced in the teacher planning.

There’s a lot of work there - we don’t expect children to do everything set out! You may choose the activities you are happy to do with your children.

If you’ve any questions, please email with the school office FAO your child’s class teacher.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Hey