Investors in Pupils

We are extremely proud to have gained the Investor in Pupils Award. The Award has been a Great Achievement by the Staff and Pupils of Foxhill Primary.

The Award is designed to help improve the Pupils knowledge of the School, who does what and how things happen. At Foxhill we believe that the School is very much like a Very Large Successful Team that needs every single member to fulfil their role, no matter how small a difference it may be.


Why do we invest in Pupils? … because Every Child Matters!


How We Have Built Up Our Team
Everyone needs to have an identity; people like to know who they are and where they belong. Every September, each Class puts together an Induction Booklet. This is a helpful aid to help both the Pupils and Teacher form a bond.


It also can help New Pupils who may join that class throughout the year. They can sit and read through the booklet, find out about the other Children in that Class and start to get to know their New Friends.


The booklet also has lots of important information such as who else works in that class and the daily routine.


Aiming High!
We strongly feel that Children need to feel empowered to aim high, and to set themselves challenges! The Children can set their Challenges in a range of areas such as personal development, literacy and numeracy.


The Staff encourage the Children to set their own target and constantly work with the Children to help them achieve!


Team Targets!
Every team needs a target to aim for. Every class sets their own Targets. They could be as simple, but at the same time as sitting quietly when asked to do so, to something that seems a little more demanding.


Not only does each class have a Target to aim for, at the start of the School Year, each Class decides what Rules they should follow. We believe that this is extremely important.


We like to give the Children the chance to discover and explore further knowledge. Enterprise Week is a Brilliant example where this happens. Every Class is given a ‘budget’ of £25 and is given the task of increasing that money in just the space of a week.


You can find out about the latest Enterprise Week on the Website!

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