Dear Parents,

This letter is to parents of children in Reception, Year One and Year Six.

It is very important you read the full risk assessment and the Home School agreement, which is on the website. You will need to confirm with your child’s details that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions before your child can return to school.

We are aiming towards an opening date of Monday June 8th; if it is possible to open on this day, we will be able to take the children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, who have indicated they wish to return. If you wish your child to return at a later date, we will need 24 hours’ notice; please do not turn up without prior agreement as your child will be unable to stay.

There are a number of details we need to make you aware of, most of these are set out in the Home School agreement:

Year Group days and staffing

A few points you need to be aware of:

  • Initially school can offer the following days

  • Year 6 Monday all day, Tuesday all day, Wednesday morning and Thursday all day.

  • Reception and Year 1: Monday all day, Tuesday all day, Thursday all day and Friday all day.

  • If and when you make the final decision to send your child to school, their year group will not necessarily be taught by their teacher.

  • In addition, we have had a few staff changes: our nursery teacher Mrs. Cahill left us at Easter and Mrs. Dolby our reception class teacher will shortly be starting her maternity leave.

For this first phase

  • Reception ‘Bubbles’ will be taught by Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Busby

  • Year 1 ‘Bubbles’ will be taught by Mrs. Fletcher and Mr. Linsel

  • Year 6 ‘Bubbles’ will be taught by Mrs. Thomason and Mr. Backhouse.

The staffing may alter if more children are brought into school.

Dropping off and picking your child up from school


All children from all year groups must be brought to school with one adult and collected from school by one adult. For the purposes of social distancing, it is important that children are brought and collected at their designated time.

These times are:

Drop off

  • 9.00 am for Year 6

  • 9.15 for Reception

  • 9.30 for Year 1



  • 2.30 for Reception

  • 2.45 for Year 1

  • 3.00 for Year 6


On the first day staff will be there to guide you with procedures to ensure your child enters school safely.


Reception will enter school using the Reception class entrance.

Year 1 will enter school using the Key Stage One steps in the main playground.

Year 6 will using the main steps into the building as usual.


Please note that there are yellow spots in the playground for the children to line up on.

Thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times; please be aware that going forwards things are changing in line with government guidance. We will do our best to keep you informed at all times.

We are looking forward to seeing our children again even if in very different circumstances!


Yours sincerely


Mrs. Hey