May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

We know you will have many questions relating to the Government’s proposals that schools should begin reopening in June- so have we!


Now is the right time to share with you our planned strategies to make school as safe as possible for any children attending. You as parents will make your own choices as to whether you feel it is right to send your child back to school after Spring Bank on Monday June 8th. There will be no penalties for non-attendance. Equally, if you do chose to send your child to school we will be delighted to see them!


To enable you to make an informed decision please see below.


Who will school be open for?

  • Initially only for children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.  Childcare will remain open for children of Key workers where it is needed.

  • On Wednesdays, school will close at 12pm so that a deep clean can be carried out. If a packed lunch is required, one will be provided for them to take home. (Childcare will remain open for Key Worker children)


Drop off and pick up

  • We will be using staggered opening and closing times.

  • Your child must be accompanied by one adult only (this also means no siblings)

  • Adults cannot be allowed into the building unless by prior agreement.

  • Adult to adult contact is encouraged by telephone only.


Safety measures and new learning format

  • Wherever possible social distancing guidelines will be adhered to, albeit with potential difficulty, with the younger children.

  • Children will be taught in groups of no more than 15; there will be designated adults per group. Please be aware some groups will be taken by cover supervisors and nursery nurses. Please also be aware your children may not be taught by their previous class teacher or in their usual classroom.

  • Children will stay in their designated groups throughout the day including during lunch.

  • Classrooms will be reorganised and minimal resources used.

  • Your child’s timetable will be different; more outside learning will be taking place.

  • Toilet trips and regular handwashing will be supervised to try and ensure separate groups of children will not come into contact with each other.

  • Children may not bring any equipment into school including Book-bags, Lunchboxes, PE kits or mobile phones.

  • Because they will not be bringing anything into school, children will have to have a packed lunch provided by school, which will be at a reduced rate.

  • We will not be sending items home with children including reading books or letters.


These are our provisional arrangements, which may change in the light of updated Government Guidance.

Having read this guidance we would ask parents of children eligible to attend to complete the short online survey, which will indicate whether you intend to send your child into school or not.

The survey may be accessed at the following URL and we would urge parents to complete it.


Yours faithfully

Mrs.S Hey