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Art and Design at Foxhill


Art and Design in Action


At Foxhill we want our children to love and thrive in Art and Design! To enable this we aim to deliver a fun and hands on Art curriculum that will equip all our children with the knowledge and skills to become artists. By inventing and experimenting, our children will develop a deeper understanding of the techniques and skills used in art and design, and will create their own works of art. By being introduced to the work of carefully selected unique and diverse artists, crafters and designers, children will become familiar with the many styles of art, celebrating other cultures and diversity.



Foxhill adopted the CUSP Art curriculum in September 2023. Throughout the year children are introduced to the specific artistic disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, collage and 3D work. Previous skills will be built on each year, ensuring progression. Children will also develop an understanding of the concepts of shape, line, colour, value, form, texture and space when working artistically.

Art and Design Progression/Skills at Foxhill


Early Years


School Overview

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