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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
​The school's SENDCOs are Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Dolby.
They are contactable via  email at

At Foxhill Primary School, all children regardless of their gender, ethnicity, social background, religion, physical ability or educational needs are treated as valued individuals. 


Schools have to publish an Annual SEND Information Report on their website which provide details about how they implement their policy for children and young people with SEND.  

By clicking the links below, parents and carers can view Foxhill Primary Schools Local Offer and the Local Offer from Bradford, which provides families with information about how children with special educational needs (SEND) are nurtured and catered for within our school in order to reach their full potential. 

Bradford Council Local Offer.

Foxhill Primary School Local Offer 

If you would like further information, or a just a chat, please contact:


Mrs Angela Fletcher or Mrs Dolby (SEND Co-ordinators)


To view all of our school policies related to SEND, please visit the School Policies page

Disabled Access to and Within School

  • All play areas are accessible by wheelchairs / pushchairs

  • Main access is easily accessible by wheelchairs / pushchairs

  • All outside areas are gated and fenced

  • Provision of disabled toilet & shower room

  • Fox Club building has disabled access and facilities

  • Parking space for disabled in the carpark

  • Ramps between Early Years unit and outside play areas

  • SEND pupils are monitored during fire evacuations

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