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Parent Workshops

At Foxhill, we try to provide information for busy Parents to help explain key areas of the  Curriculum.

Virtual Phonics Workshop 

To begin with, please  visit our Phonics page for an introduction to the Little Wandle scheme we use for Phonics, to teach children to read and spell.
These three videos introduce the Phase 2 and 3 phonemes (sounds) that RECEPTION CHILDREN learn and how to pronounce the 'pure sound'.  The flashcards show the graphemes (how the sound is spelt).
Digraphs are sounds made by two letters. Children will learn all this vocabulary.
'Blending' is how children read. We teach them to identify the sounds in the word to 'sound out' then blend these sounds together to merge into a word.  
When children spell, they are taught to do the reverse. Say the word then
segment or 'chop up' into the sounds they hear.
Some words are known as Tricky words. In these words, the graphemes (letters) don't make the phonemes (sounds) that we would expect. For example, the way that 'was' is pronounced as 'woz' not 'w-a-s'. Children have to learn these by sight as exceptions to the sound patterns.
In YEAR ONE, children grow their phonics code and start Phase 5.
They learn alternative graphemes (spellings) for the phonemes (sounds ) that they have already learnt. 
This enables them to read more words and spell more accurately as their phonics knowledge grows.
grow the code.JPG
Year 1 phonics curriculum
So let's get reading!
Please watch this in conjunction with the information you have received in the front of your child's reading record. Your child will also bring home a library book to share which can be changed weekly. 
Please do contact your child's teacher if you require any more support - we'll be happy to help.
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