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E-Safety Competition

Well done to our winners of the 'design a screensaver' competition and thank you to all who entered. We hope the winners enjoy their prizes!
Our themes were:
Reception/Year 1  - Tell a grown up if something worries you online
Year 2 - Keep your personal details private
Year 3 - Don't open messages from people you don't know
Year 4 - Never arrange to meet strangers
Year 5 - Consider your actions online
Year 6 - Maintain a healthy balance of screen time & off-screen activities
Gallery of Recent Events

There is always plenty going on at Foxhill Primary School.

Plummer Drummer

Key Stage 2 children were treated to a concert from the Plummer Drummer recently. Nathan explained how he made his instrument from guttering pipes and how the different notes were produced from the different lengths of pipe and the vibrations of the air. We enjoyed many of his up-beat pieces and he explained the layers within his music that built up the final piece. Nathan entertained us with his original compositions and popular tunes that we could sing along to!
Thank you to all the parents who attended our Bookworm reading sessions to enjoying reading with their child in our library.
Parents and children from the youngest in Nursery, to eldest in Year 6, attended a breakfast library session to share the pleasure of reading. 

Bookworm Library sessions

Music festival

Music festival

Watch Now

CUSP Music Festival

Well done to all our classes learning their performance pieces for our first CUSP Music Festival. The youngest to the eldest took part in video sessions to learn songs, percussion parts glockenspiel and recorder parts all on the theme of Winter, sharing our sucesses with the partnership as the week went on. We also learnt a collaborative piece to sing along with other children form our curriculum partnership.

CUSP Arts Festival 

Every class enjoyed learning new techniques and producing amazing, creative art work as part of our CUSP Arts Festival. We joined with other school and Artists from our curriculum partnership for live lessons and projects, sharing our successes at each step, culminating in an individual and a collaborative piece. It is now proudly on display at School.

Birds of Prey Visit

Feathered friends in the form of a Kestrel, Barn owl, Little Owl and Tawny Owl came to visit us in Science week. We learnt about the features of the birds that help them survie in the wild, their habitats and diets. Brave volunteers put on the handler's glove to hold the birds! The whole School gathered for a flying demonstration to see the birds in action! We were delighted with the comical Little Owl, the Kestrel who flew a lap of the hall and the somewhat lazy Barn owl, who would only show off for his treat! 
EF0069B9-A228-4EE7-93F2-357CA71D6BE4 (1).jpeg

Celebrating the King's Coronation

We enjoyed a street party in the playground to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.  We were lucky to have a visit from the King's representative, the Lord Lieutenant, David Pearson, to start proceedings! The children sung a special Coronation song and the National Anthem before giving three cheers to the King and enjoying a Big Picnic! The brass band played along for our special guests of Governors, community friends and former Teachers.

Jenny York, Author in School 

What fun we had with Author, Jenny York! Younger children enjoyed very engaging workshops where they dressed as her book characters and retold the plots to peers.
Lucky children bought signed copies of her stories, That's Rubbish, Prince Charm-bin, Tinselpants and Nuts!, to enjoy at home! 

Poet Matt Goodfellow visits Foxhill

What a super day we had with professional poet, Matt Goodfellow.  After funny and interactive  assemblies learning and performing some of his poems, Matt worked in Years 1 - 6 creating poetry with the children , using their ideas and introducing us to further ideas of rhythm, structure  and intonation.