End of Year Awards



We're very proud of all our children and their achievements this year. These children have been recognised for their extra effort last School year in various curriculum areas.

Very well done to all of you!

Key Stage One 2018-2019
Artist of the Year - Millie  (Y1)                   Sportsperson of the Year - Charlie (Y1)
Mathematician of the Year - Leila (Y2)               Writer of the Year - Phoebe (Y1)
Scientist of the Year - Harrison (Y2)         Musician of the Year - Jugraj (Y2)
Key Stage Two 2018-2019
Artists of the Year - Lily (Y4)   Poppy (Y6)             
Sportsperson of the Year - Ellis (Y4)
Mathematicians of the Year -  Gurshan (Y3)   Tayla (Y6)               
Writer of the Year - Ellie (Y3)  Ethan (Y6) 
Scientists of the Year - Joseph (Y5)    Libby (Y6)           
Musicians of the Year - Aston (Y4)  Harrison (Y6)
Foxhill Pupil of the Year - Lily (Y5)

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