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Geography at Foxhill

Geography in Action 


At Foxhill Primary School, we are GEOGRAPHERS!

We want our children to love geography. We want them to have no limits to their ambitions.

Our aim is that, through the teaching of Geography at Foxhill, we provide a purposeful platform for exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved. We want to ensure that through Geography, pupils are able to explore the relationship between the Earth and its people through the study of place, space and environment.

In Geography, pupils will learn the skills of understanding locational knowledge; how and where people fit into its overall structure. We also intend for children to become passionate and knowledgeable about our local community and beyond, by learning through experiences in practical and fieldwork activities


A guiding principle of CUSP Geography is that each study draws upon prior learning.  High volume and deliberate practice is essential for pupils to remember and retrieve substantive knowledge and use their disciplinary knowledge to explain and articulate what they know. This means pupils make conscious connections and think hard, using what they know.

CUSP Geography is built around the principles of cumulative knowledge focusing on spaces, places, scale, human and physical processes with an emphasis on how content is connected and relational knowledge acquired. An example of this is the identification of continents, such as Europe, and its relationship to the location of the UK.

Substantive knowledge
This is the subject knowledge and vocabulary used to learn about the content. 

substantative geography.jpg

Disciplinary knowledge
This is the use of knowledge and how children become a little more expert as a geographer by Thinking Geographically. 

DIsciplinary geography.jpg

Geography Progression/skills at Foxhill

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Early Years

Key Stages 1 & 2

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