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Religious Education at Foxhill

RE in Action

At Foxhill Primary School we are Theologians!
Our intent is to enable our children to develop an excellent level of religious knowledge and understanding. We want our children to explore and develop an understanding of different religious beliefs, values, traditions and practices that are followed in our multi-cultural city of Bradford. We also want our children to develop a respect for other beliefs and religions, and we want them to know how religious education promotes tolerance and respect.


       At Foxhill Primary, we have recently Adopted the Discovery RE scheme of work and we teach this alongside the Bradford Programme of Study for RE. We have developed a progression of skills with each year group, which enables our children to build on and develop their knowledge and skills each year. At the start of each topic children will review previous learning and will have the opportunity to share what they already know about a current topic. Children will learn about different spiritual disciplines such as prayer and worship as well as different festivals and celebrations. Effective use of educational visits are planned, to enrich and enhance the learning experiences for our children, within the RE curriculum. Throughout our children’s education at Foxhill, they will be encouraged to develop their own beliefs and express them to others, whilst sharing their own experiences of religion.


People, Communities and Cultures in the EYFS
The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum supports children’s understanding of Religious Education through the planning and teaching of ‘Understanding the World’. Children are encouraged to use their imagination and curiosity to develop their appreciation of, and wonder at, the world in which they live. Exploring others views, cultures and beliefs supports children in developing their views and beliefs about themselves, their family and community. In finding out about others, young children are encouraged to reflect on belief, culture and practice and explore faith through observing festivals and celebrations, sharing stories, visuals, toys and puppets, handling real artefacts, roleplay, books and discussion .

Foxhill RE Curriculum Overview

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