Reading and Phonics

At Foxhill Primary school, we believe that the ability to read confidently, fluently and with understanding is an essential life skill, which will not only empower the individual to make sense of his or her world, but will also grant access to a vast realm of experience and knowledge that would otherwise remain out of reach.  It is our mission to ensure every child develops an enjoyment of reading and can employ a range of independent strategies to self-monitor and improve. It is important that a positive attitude towards reading is encouraged amongst all our pupils in order to foster self-confidence and a sense of achievement.

Key Stage One Phonics

Phonemes are the building blocks of words; the sounds. We blend them together to read and segment / separate them to spell.


In Reception, children follow the Government strategy 'Letters and Sounds' Phases 2-4 alongside Jolly Phonics songs and actions for a multi-sensory approach. (See the Reception class page for links to these songs.)


In Year 1, children revise Letters and Sounds Phases 3 and 4, then learn Phase 5. Phase 5 includes the alternative pronunciations and spellings of previously learnt sounds. At the end of Year 1 children demonstrate their phonics knowledge through the National Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.

Reception and Year 1 children bring home a 'decodable' reading book, which means their can apply their phonics knowledge to each word, to sound it out to read.


Wow! What a fantastic 'stay and read' session we had this morning.

We hope to see as may parents at our next session on 24th March 2020

What a brilliant morning we had at the 'Read A Long!' Thanks so much to all those parents that came along. We hope you found the information about reading/phonics in Reception, Year 1 and 2 useful and the reading packs come in handy at home too! It was brilliant to see so many of you get on board with our love for reading!


Children in Keystage 2 earn points for reading. Every time they get a signature in their reading records from an adult at home they gain 1 point. They can spend these points at any point they choose or keep them until they decide to spend them at the school reading shop. Prizes and points are shown below.