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Spelling at Foxhill

Children in Reception and Year 1  follow the Little Wandle phonics scheme which includes spelling. This scheme continues  for any children who need further support with spelling in Years 2-6. 

In Years 2 - 6, we use the ‘Curriculum by Unity Partnership’ (CUSP) spelling programme to support our children to learn to spell. CUSP Spelling has been purposefully built around the principles of evidence-led practice. This is to ensure that pupils acquire deep knowledge about the English spelling system. CUSP Spelling is a balanced approach, drawing together knowledge about phonics and vocabulary and pairing this with pattern seeking and reasoning. 

How is CUSP Spelling taught?
The CUSP Spelling curriculum is organised into 2-week blocks, with each block covering a particular set of key concepts, including spelling patterns, etymology and morphology and reasoning about spelling. These blocks are made up of three short spellings lessons per week. Each week a home learning spelling task is sent home to consolidate new learning from teaching covered in class.
Please see below for a break down of the spelling sequence across school:

y2 spelling.jpg
y3 spelling.jpg
y4 spelling.jpg
y5 spelling.jpg
y6 spelling.jpg
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