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PSHE at Foxhill


At Foxhill Primary School, we strive to be good citizens of the future!

We want children to see that anything can be achieved in life if they are to put their mind to it and work hard. It is our aim for children to view people as role models and aspire for excellence in whatever path they choose to go down. Our intent is to give every child a broad and balanced PSHE and RSE curriculum that equips the children for the future years ahead. To achieve this, it involves exciting experiences and learning that is based on theories to support learning, self-esteem and well-being.




At Foxhill, we adopted the My Happy Mind scheme of work mid-way through the the academic year beginning in 2022 and are rolling it out in full from September 2023. Through this, pupils become more expert as they progress through the curriculum, accumulating, connecting and making sense of the rich knowledge that is taught. This is supplemented by the use of the Jigsaw PSHE programme, which is used throughout the year too, particular in support of the delivery of RSE.


Our Curriculum is built to look beyond the subjects covered by the National Curriculum to grow our children to develop personally so that they can develop skills to become compassionate citizens in their local and global communities and learners for the future.


Here are the modules for My Happy Mind:

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