Our Topic is Once upon a time..


Our books are Little Red, Rapunzel and Hansel and Gretel 


WC 2nd November


Suggested Booklist for reading

Reading activities  happen every day in class and are recorded in your child's reading record. As soon as we are able we will send these home along with a scheme book and library book. 






Listen to them read aloud as often as possible, and encourage them to look at a variety of reading material.

Encourage them to revise their sounds

Find numbers in the environment

Count as often and as many different things as possible

If you would like any more information please come and talk to us.



Tapestry is a website and mobile application that can create online learning journals. We will place photos and comments on here about the things we have been doing in class. Ensure you check it regularly to find out what we have been getting up to! 

For those parents who already have login information for Tapestry you will be able to continue to use these. Our new parents should have already received an email asking you to create passwords to be able to access to the website. If you have any problems getting on to Tapestry please let me know. 

Show and Tell

The children would normally bring something to school for show and tell when it is their allocated day however we are currently unable to do this. As a compromise, I would like to ask that instead of bringing something in to school that parents take a photo and add this to tapestry so the children still have this opportunity. It could be of something your child is doing at home, a pet, a toy, a special item or somewhere you have visited maybe. It would be helful if you could place a short sentence to help staff to prompt your child (if required when sharing this information with the rest of the class.Please see below when your child will be doing show and tell in school. 

Autumn Show and Tell timetable

Parents evening 

Your designated day for a phone call to discuss the progress of your child is 

Wednesday 21st October 

Please indicate which of the following time slots would best suit yourself.  

  • 9am- 12.00pm 

  • 12.30pm- 3.00pm 

  • 3.00pm- 6.00pm 


To help others please do indicate if you can be available to talk during more than one time slot. If you are able to opt for an earlier time slot please do so as some people are restricted to the later times. 


Please be aware that the call will show as No caller ID 

If any parent is not available to talk with the teacher on the above date please email school in the usual way to arrange a time that is mutually convenient. 

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